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This listing will be updated regularly so keep checking back to find your perfect Mac.

All Macs are guaranteed for 90 days from purchase and will also be remote supported free of charge for that period, after which a limited remote support contract is available for £100 per year. Assistance with data transfer and setup from Mac or PC is available. Also available are related products and accessories all of which are apple compatible. All pictures are of the actual item for sale and it will be available to see and try out by appointment. For any additional info or advice please call Andy on 07763223777 or email andywoollard@mac.com

LAST UPDATE 12.11.23

iMac 27” 5k 2019

 i9 3.6ghz  eight core processor

32gb ddr4 RAM. 4gb Graphics


Magic Apple keyboard and mouse 

One of the last of the 27’s to be made. TOP Spec

Runs Sonoma OS 14


Late 2015 27” iMac

4 Ghz i7 processor

16 Gb RAM

4 Gb Graphics

1 Tb FLASH drive (very fast)

Apple Magic keyboard and mousr

Runs Monterey OS 12


Apple Homepod .. This is the original full size HomePod that was recently replaced with a slightly paired down version. It sounds Fantastic and just joins your WiFi and does all the Siri stuff and plays music from your apple music account or works as a wireless speaker for your computer. There are two available one black and one white. They can be joined together as a stereo pair.

 Full details found by clicking…. HERE          £150

Version 2 Apple TV

Complete in box with remote 

Condition is Excellent very clean.










 HomePod mini

Great sounding speaker with Siri and works as a base for HomeKit accessories allowing you to control them over the internet.


Recommended retail £99

Our Price £79

21.5” iMac Late 2012  (thin Edged one)

2.7Hz i5 Processor


1 Tb SSD  

Condition is Excellent very clean.

Runs Catalina £295 without mouse and keyboard

A range of apple mice and keyboards are available to choose from at varying prices if required

27” iMac Late 2013 (thin Edged one) (at 66)

3.5 GHz i7 Processor

32 Gb RAM

1.2 TB Fusion Drive

(Can be replaced with an SSD for faster)

Wireless apple Mouse and Keyboard

Condition is Excellent very clean.

Runs Catalina


Epson Stylus Photo R2880

A3 inkjet Printer.

Quite an old model but tested and working fine.

Very high quality photo printing  with 9 seperate  ink cartridges.

CLICK HERE for further info and drivers










12” MacBook early  2016

Rose Gold (actually its pink :-) 

1.2 GHz  dual Core Processor

8 Gb RAM

500 GB Flash Drive

Condition is Excellent… Like new

Inc Charger

Runs Monterey.  Great Christmas Present!!!


Series 4 Apple Watch 

Stainless steel body in Black

Nice condition


21.5” iMac  2.7 GHz Quad Core i5 2013

8 Gb RAM

1TB SSD ( New Crucial drive)

Runs Catalina (OS 10.15)

Genuine Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Very Good Condition


MacBook Pro 13” 2017

Space Grey

i5 2.3 ghz processor

8gb ddr4 RAM,

256 gb Flash Drive

Runs Ventura OS13


27” iMac Mid 2011 (Thick edge)

2.7 GHz  Quad Core i5 Processor

8 Gb RAM

500GB  SSD 

Wired apple Mouse and Keyboard

Condition is Excellent very clean.

Runs High Sierra OS10.13.6.    

Still Ok for most stuff if you use Firefox as the browser.   £195.00









21.5” iMac Late 2009 (Thick edge)

3.06GHz  Core 2 Duo

8 Gb RAM

1 TB  SSD 

Wired apple Mouse and Keyboard

Condition is Excellent very clean.

Runs High Sierra OS10.13.6.    

Still Ok for most stuff if you use Firefox as the browser.   £150

12” Macbook Woodie

2015  MacBook 1.1Ghz Dual cor inter coreM

8 Gb RAM

259Gb SSD

Runs Big Sur OS11

Real Wood Cover top and bottom.

This has seen hard life the wood cover is a bit chipped but the bad bit is the back right hand corner has had a bad bash and the headphone jack is squashed. The Screen is fine. The battery is on its last legs. And you will need to buy a charger.

However it’s still a 2015 Mac and runs well.

All reflected in the price £75

2011 11” MacBookAir

1.8 GHz i5 Processor

4GB RAM.    60Gb SSD

Only runs High Sierra but still going strong.


13” MacBookAir   Early 2014


1.4GHz i5 Processor 

4 GB RAM.    

500Gb SSD

Runs  Big Sur OS 11

Condition is Excellent very clean.

Brand New Battery. Inc Charger


Keep watching ..Lots more coming daily.

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Last update 12.11.23